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5 Foods that Prevent Acne and 5 Make Acne Worst

Having the free acne skin is one dream of anyone. You should know that the food you consume can affect the acne itself. So, if you want to have free acne skin, you have to know about what foods that prevent acne very well. There 5 foods that prevent acne that you can consume every day to reduce your acne. First is the flaxseed or fish. Both will produce omega 3 fatty acids that will tie to inflammation in your skin.

The inflammation can cause the acne, so that is why by consuming them, it will help you to reduce it. By eating more foods which contain omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, fatty fish, flaxseed, and so on, it will help you in reducing inflammation and also improve the acne breakouts. These foods that prevent acne breakouts will help you out from the problem.

Super Foods that Fight Acne

Second, you can consume the green tea that produces powerful antioxidant to help fight the acne. You also can apply the cloth dipped in cooled green tea or cooled tea bags directly to the areas of your acne prone in your face for about 10 up to 15 minutes. Third, you can consume one of foods that prevent acne is oysters. It contains mineral zinc that can reduce the acne very well. Fourth, the vegetables and fruits juice can help clear up your acne naturally. It contains many beta carotenes to reduce the skin oils and anti inflammatory.

And the last of foods that prevent acne is probiotics. The foods which produce more probiotics can reduce inflammation which helps to reduce the acne. The foods are kefir, yogurt, dark chocolate, sauerkraut, miso soup, microalgae, kimchi, tempeh, pickles, and also kombucha tea. Those foods that help prevent acne can work for you very well. By consuming those foods, it will help you a lot in reducing the acne that you have in your skin. You just have to consume it regularly to get the maximum result of it. Consuming the food that prevents acne will help you in solving this kind of problems and you also should know about the foods that will make your acne get worst.

The foods that will make your acne worst, first is cow’s milk. It is because the cow’s milk can spike the blood sugar which can increase the inflammation in your skin. The inflammation will lead to the acne itself. Second is sugar. If you are eating more sugar in a day, it will make the acne can come out. Third is high glycemic food. These foods can quickly break down the body, raising blood sugar levels, and also triggering an insulin spike which can cause increasing the inflammation.

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Fourth is junk food. It can increase the blood sugar levels and hormonal fluctuations and also cause the acne. The last is fast foods. It can create the inflammation in body. It is all the explanation about the foods that you should and should not to consume in your day to prevent any kind of acne in your skin.

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5 Foods that Prevent Acne and 5 Make Acne Worst
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