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4 Unique Methods Beauty Worth Shudder 2016

Woman wants to look beautiful. With a good beauty care, then obtained a good result. Do you know that there is a beauty treatment that makes us shudder? Yes, beauty care we wrote in this article can make you stunned. Do you dare to try?

4 Unique Methods Beauty Worth Shudder 2016

There are countless ways to do pretty exciting in the world but also some new methods have heard that shivered

1.Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy Picture

It shuddered to hear the old method from thousands of thousands this year. Although it was made from a fairly long period of time, these methods address skin care from becoming the classic real attention from a few years ago when Demi Moore was keen to try.

When she was in Austria to clean skin, part of a package of Moore therapeutic methods related to leeches – to the dreaded bloodsucking creatures as an antidote. Moore said that this made her feel more youthful and much more vitality. But in reality, although we all desire to get the look youthful and abundant energy, but make sure not everyone is ready for those close to their leech.

2. Masks from bee venom

Masks from bee venom picture

When we think of bees, we often fantasize about animals black and yellow fly buzzing buzzing around the backyard and fired shots poignant enough to just wish them away. But Deborah Mitchell from Bee Venom Mask gave a new meaning to the term “buzz-Worthy” and makes a bee think of changing the mask from bee venom. Mask to prevent aging is a method as effective as Botox.

In addition to Manuka secret ingredient – known secret about the possibility of soothing and healing properties, this method also contains elements found in bee venom, control facial muscles to effectively raised immediately. The big stars including Victoria Beckham and Michelle Pfeiffer is a fan of therapy for these skin injection.

3. Snake Venom Facial

Snake Venom Facial

U afraid of snakes? It would not be appropriate therapy for you. At Sonya Dakar salon in Beverly Hills (USA), customers can register method is strange that this works like botox. The main ingredient in the treatment of wrinkles known as SYN-AKE, a synthetic version of the snake venom is modeled from the anesthetic effects of a venomous snake. The composition is awesome work that softens skin and prevents the development of wrinkles. Gwyneth Paltrow and Danni and Kyle Minigue been a fan of this awesome therapy.

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4. Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure Photo

Quite renowned worldwide, scary foot method using Garra rufa – a small fish that – as a method unique exfoliation. While countless people around the world swear that this is merely a softening skin therapy, still it’s hard to imagine the foot in a tank full of hungry fish – whether they have teeth or not.

Do you dare to try? I hope you will consider it in advance ..ok, thanks for reading about 4 Unique Methods Beauty Worth Shudder

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4 Unique Methods Beauty Worth Shudder 2016
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