Monday, May 30, 2016

What Foods Cause Acne

All foods are great until they actually trigger disease that is quite annoying. As we all agree, there are some foods causing acne. Having acne which can lead to many problems in life such as decreasing confidence is definitely problematic. It is best to avoid such thing to happen from the very first time. One of the strategy is basically knowing and avoiding foods causing acne. From this point, there are many people asking “what foods cause acne?” to answer that question, there are actually some shocking facts that can make you crazy.

Question about “what foods causes acne?” can be answered by knowing the fact that dairy product can lead to acne significantly. Dairy products are responsible to make increase hormone that can produce acne, and that means more acne will come to the skin surface. This is surely problematic because milk is necessary for completing daily nutrition. Fortunately, there is a simple solution even though it cannot completely replace the milk as dairy product. Coconut, rice and almond milks are great substitute for a while until all of the acne does not seem bothering anymore. Among other things in “what foods can cause acne?” there are actually other foods that will make you change your mind.

Sugar is the next answer for “what foods cause acne?” Foods with excessive sugar are extremely dangerous for people suffering from acne. The main reason is because it contains inflammation agents what will only make pimple worse than ever. Reducing the amount sugar intake becomes so crucial to avoid pimples or cure it. In order to keep your mouth from being satisfied by sweet foods, the sugar obviously can be changed with fresh fruits. This solution may not be loveable by everyone especially teenagers, but just trust me that it will do well in the future.

Another question that pops out related to acne is “what kind of acne do I have”. It obviously has no relation with any kind of food that should be eaten. However, it is worth to note that the latter state of acne from which it can be a breakout can be negated by reducing milk consumption significantly. Now moving to other food for answering “what foods cause acne?” there is coffee that can lead to acne worsening. Stress hormone within coffee actually can make the skin stressful, and it leads to acne breakout. Therefore, it is necessary to find out other drink to substitute the coffee. Tea is generally acceptable replacement and it is obviously a great way to have tea-time for a while.

The next thing to answer “what foods cause acne” lies on the way we usually process foods. Typically we use coconut oil to make foods taste so much better. However, too much coconut oil is dangerous for the skin because of the possibility of acne breakout. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the amount of coconut oil to avoid worsening acne for a while. Those are all about “what foods cause acne” which hopefully can help you to be free from acne for good.

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What Foods Cause Acne
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