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The Signs in the First Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miracle for women. It is something precious that they are looking forward to when they are in relationship. It makes a perfect family. Those who are married already must be waiting for it. Hence, it is a must for women to know about first month of pregnancy. It is good if you find out that you are pregnant since the first month so that you can monitor yourself and your fetus inside. Well, here you can have the information about the pregnancy in the first month such as, the symptoms that you are pregnant and what you feel during the first month.

  • Fatigue Feeling

Fatigue Feeling on Pregnant

When you are easily tired but you do not have any busy activity, then you can make it as the sign of the pregnancy. In this case, having baby inside takes you lots of energy so that makes you feel so tired especially when you are walking less than one hour. Then, it is good for you in the first month of pregnancy for having more rest than spending your energy instead.

  • Getting so sensitive with smell

Getting so sensitive with smell

You can find out the pregnancy through your smell sense. It is known that a pregnant woman will have three or four times stronger smell sense in first month of pregnancy. Hence, when it caught something smelly anywhere, you feel that it stings so much. In this condition, you need to prepare something when you are going out. You need to be patient for the smell sense that you have so that you can actually feel that it is something that you need to undergo in the early pregnancy.

  • Nausea in regular

Nausea in regular - Pregnant

The first obvious thing that you will have that you are positively pregnant is nausea. You will have a regular nausea on and on as one of signs of pregnancy first month. It comes as the side effects of the pregnancy. It is cause by the hormone level that increases a lot. Based on the research, 80 out of 100 women experience morning sick in the early pregnancy, usually in the first up to third month. However, sometimes the frequency of nausea is different each other. One might have three times a day, but another one has more than that.

  • Swollen in several part

swollen in several part - pregnant
First month of pregnancy, you can actually find that there are several parts on the body that got swollen. Mostly, it happens on the legs. It is something common so that you do not to get shocked by such thing in pregnancy first month.

Those are the things that you will find in the first month of pregnancy. Those signs may indicate the pregnancy so once you experience them, you can just make sure by seeing the doctor.

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The Signs in the First Month of Pregnancy
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