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The Development of Pregnancy Month by Month in the First and Second Trimester

Pregnancy is a something that a woman expects to have a cute baby soon. It comes from the first month up to the ninth month so that there will be development that will be seen and enjoyed by the women. The obvious proof that you will have is about your physical change. It is because your fetus is developing from the ovum to have body parts and it becomes a baby. Hence, it is such a golden moment for the women to see the development of the baby time by time. It will be so much good for the mom to be to have such thing in life. Here is pregnancy month by month that you should know to see the fetal development obviously:

pregnancy month by month

  • First month

In the first stage which means that the first month of pregnancy, there will be a fertilized egg that grows as the embryo that tells you that it is a pregnancy. In this stage, placenta has developed and it is located round the organ which takes role to transfer the nutrition to the baby. In this phase, the blood cells as well as the body shape are going to grow as well. This is the first moment that you should have, and you need to get the development of pregnancy month by month.

  • Second Month

In this phase of pregnancy, the facial shape of the baby is going to develop continuously. It forms the fold skin on the head. Then, there will be arms and legs growing on it. In addition, the buds will also develop to be like toes, eyes and fingers. In addition, there will be spinal cord, brain formed. Then, you can have the growth of pregnancy month by month.

  • Three month

In this first trimester after first month of pregnancy, all the parts of the body are well formed. Meanwhile, the fingernails and toenails will be developed as well. The organ will begin to work in this phase of pregnancy.

  • Fourth month

In this stage, several parts of the body will also grow like eyelid, eyelash, eyebrows, hair as well as the teeth. In this stage, the baby will begin to such the thumb as well as making face. Meanwhile, the nervous system will begin to work. You can also hear the heartbeat of the baby in this phase of pregnancy months.

  • Fifth Month

The hair will be totally growing in the full body. The function is to protect itself in the first week of life. In addition, you will find that the baby move and kick your belly.

  • Sixth Month

The weight of the baby will increase up to two pounds on it. In addition, the skin will be seen reddish and it has much development on the color, veins and wrinkle. Here, the eyelid will be open in this phase of life. There are lots of amazing things in this month that you can see up to last month of pregnancy.

Those are the development of the fetal starting from the first trimester and second trimester. There are lots of developments that you can actually find pregnancy month by month and it is very exciting. This golden moment should be monitored each day until the baby comes to the world.

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The Development of Pregnancy Month by Month in the First and Second Trimester
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