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Some Foods That Cause Acne

Somehow it is quite annoying to have acne on the body especially face. When this disease has occurred, it is actually too late to cure perfectly except without proper treatment that will cost much money. Before suffering from such situation, it is important to know several foods that cause acne. That way, it is possible to avoid acne from before it occurs at all. Indeed, it is true that foods really can cause acne even though we all know that 80% of time acne is caused by genes. However, it is worth to know that particular foods can trigger acne because of their properties increasing hormones responsible for acne. Here is list of foods that cause acne.

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The first food that can lead to worse acne is dairy product. It is kind of shocking because people need milk for completing nutrition for their life, but it is considered as foods that cause acne. Unfortunately the dairy product should be reduced significantly at least until the acne vanished. It happens because dairy products can increase particular hormone related to acne significantly. Even though it cannot be concluded that it is only milk causing acne, preventing acne by reducing the consumption of milk is highly advised. In order to have healthier lifestyle in meantime, the milk can be replaced with almond milk, coconut milk, or rice milk. Those milks are not foods that can cause acne.

Another food that should be avoided is sweet food. Sweet foods are not sweet for those who suffer from acne because it belongs to foods that cause acne. The reason is because the skin will be inflamed just like what sweets do to other parts of body. Being inflammatory agent, sugar-sweetened foods should be banned for a temporary time until the breakout is decreasing significantly. That way, there is no need to worry about the possibility of eating sweet foods in the future after being cured. The sweet foods that are prohibited for acne sufferer are those made with sugar. If the foods do not add sugar as sweetener, the food will be still consumable because not listed in food allergies that cause acne.

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The last food within foods that cause acne is soy eventually. soy-based foods are not really good for acne sufferers because it increases estrogen level significantly. It surely can make acne worse than ever if the soy is consumed too much. Therefore, it is best to leave this option for a while. Soy-based product is not as famous as dairy product. Even so, it is highly advised to read the labels before consuming foods. That way, it is possible to avoid worsening acne. Indeed, there is no exact measurement on how significant soy products contributing to acne development, yet it is just best to be off from this food for a while.

Those are all some nice foods that unfortunately will make acne worse than ever. This list basically just provides a small list that cannot cover all possible foods contributing to acne breakout. However, those are all the most common ones, and it is important to give this information before it is too late. Prevention to acne is better than curing it because acne usually becomes worse leading to scar which will mark the skin for a very long time ahead.

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Some Foods That Cause Acne
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