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If You Have Acne, Avoid These Foods

Most of people experienced having acne in their live, that’s why people should know well about foods to avoid for acne. Acne is the most general skin disorder which usually happens during puberty. However, it can affect adolescents and people in any age groups. Physically, acne is not dangerous but considering the psychological, some effects may come. The person who has acne is typically self conscious. They are embarrassed in their personal and works lives. In long time, it can lead to depression, alienation, and social withdrawal.

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People mistakenly think that acne is an aesthetic problem. Actually, acne is a sign that there is an imbalance in your body. Most people don’t get that connection and just prescribe acne drugs and skin care treatment. Americans spends more than $2 billion every year to have acne treatment such as drugs prescription and beauty products. However, some of them turn to be useless. In treating acne, you should have the proper diet with foods to avoid for acne.

Stop Eating Gluten and Grains to Clear Your Skin

Gluten FreeAbout 1.8 % of people in Western are suffered from celiac disease. This disease is the extreme of sensitiveness of gluten. It can cause the immune system and attack your small intestine. Other population are having non celiac gluten sensitivity, even, we are in some degree are affected. This happens because our body creates a substance known as zonulin in the intestine. Gluten as a protein can be found in barley, wheat and rye. They create the prolamines and allow the digested protein go through your bloodstream. It sensitizes the immune system and lead to inflammation which can worsen the acne. If you have acne, having foods to avoid for acne is a good idea. Avoid to consume gluten and lectin foods. The prolamine can be found in barley, wheat, oats, rye, corn and rice.

Avoid Consuming Grains (and Sugar)

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Explanation :

If you have acne, try to eliminate consuming grains. It’s better also to avoid the carbohydrates foods. Having foods to avoid for acne is a good way to struggle acne. Acne becomes less a problem in a societies which has lower consumption of carbohydrates and sugar. Consuming foods which has high in sugar and carbohydrates is one of the common causes of acne. By consuming those foods, the insulin in your body will be increased. It can lead to an overload of testosterone in male hormones. This overload causes the greasy substance and draw bacteria which promote acne. In addition, these foods such as sugar, fructose and grains can increase inflammation which for sure may trigger acne. Having low glycemic diets for about 12 weeks will improve the acne and insulin sensitivity.

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Treat in Vegetables, Limit Processed Foods

Vegetables Yes Processed Foods No

Meal or snack in high carbohydrates tends to raise the blood glucose. High blood sugar levels can affect the insulin productions and your cells become resistant to insulin. Eventually, the insulin resistance is other key in causing acne. That’s why, if you have acne, thinks about foods to avoid for acne. The proper way to know you are insulin resistance or not are by having fasting insulin level. Avoid fruit juices since these foods to avoid for acne has sugar on it, while the fresh vegetables are good idea.

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If You Have Acne, Avoid These Foods
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