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How to Properly Prepare and Use Food that Fight Cancer

If you already know about certain food that fight cancer, you need to know how to use that food during cancer treatment. If you consume the food correctly while you are undergoing cancer treatments, the food that you eat will give you a tremendously positive effect to your healing process. Here are some tips that you can follow if you want to make sure that all anti-cancer foods that you consume give you real benefit during your cancer treatment.

Tips for Preparing Anti-Cancer Foods

To reap the most benefits from all cancer-fighting foods, you need to know how to consume them properly. Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you prepare and eat those foods in a correct way.

Anti Cancer Foods

  1. If possible, eat raw foods instead of cooked ones because cooking may degrade the nutritional benefit of cancer-fighting foods. Organic vegetables can be used to make salad and organic fruits can be eaten directly without preparation. If you include those plant-based foods in your diet, it’s better to keep them raw.

  2. Prepare your foods in a correct way. Healthy foods will turn unhealthy if you mix them with unhealthy substances. When you are preparing salad, avoid using lard or any other types of animal-based oil as those animal-based seasonings may harm your body. Use olive oil instead due to its health benefit. If you are preparing coniferous vegetables, instead of eating them whole, you should cut or chew them so that their nutrients can be effectively absorbed by your body.

  3. If cooking is required, choose the safest way to cook your foods. Certain foods, such as lean meat and fish, indeed require cooking before they can be consumed. In this situation, try to roast, steam or bake them instead of deep frying and sautéing them. This way, you can keep those foods nutritious enough while keeping them free from harmful substances that may contaminate them when they are fried.

Tips for Using Anti-Cancer Foods to Deal with Side Effects

Cancer and its treatment may cause several side effects. Some anti-cancer foods are proven to be effective for alleviating some unwanted effects of cancer.

  1. Don’t skip eating even if chemotherapy has made you lose your appetite. Loss of appetite is a known side effect of chemotherapy. Because of this, you cannot rely anymore on your sense of hunger to signal the right time to eat. Therefore, instead of relying on your sense, just make an eating schedule that determines the right time for you to eat. Whenever a mealtime is scheduled, don’t skip eating even if you are not hungry.

  2. Certain foods can overcome certain side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. When you have problem with your bowel, eat foods that are known to alleviate the problem. To deal with constipation, you can eat fiber-rich foods and drink a lot of water. If your stool is too watery due to diarrhea, eat more solid foods like red rice and banana. If you experience nausea, you can eat foods that don’t have strong odor.

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The right food that fight cancer should keep you perfectly nourished even if you lose your appetite or if you experience unwanted side effects.

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How to Properly Prepare and Use Food that Fight Cancer
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