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How to Prepare Foods that Cure Cancer

Some of the most common causes of cancer are carcinogens that are found in, among others, bad foods. Cancer can thus be avoided by correcting your diet pattern. Reducing the consumption of fatty foods, sugary foods, salty foods, fast foods, and junk foods while at the same time increasing the consumption of foods that slow down the development of cancerous cells can greatly improve your resistance against cancer. When you already have cancer, there are several foods that cure cancer that you can include in your diet. You need to know how to prepare those foods so that they can arouse your appetite that is weakened by cancer.

Some of the Best Foods that Cure Cancer and How to Prepare Them

This list comprises some of the best foods that you can use to fight cancer and how to prepare them.

  • Tomato

How to Prepare Foods that Cure Cancer With Tomato

Tomato is the main source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that is scientifically proven as an effective inhibitor for the development of cancerous cells. You can eat tomatoes in the following ways.

  1. Eat while still raw. This is the best way to get the nutritional benefits of tomato. You can also make juice from tomato as the juice’s nutritional facts are the same with those of raw tomato.

  2. Use it as sauce. You can put excess tomatoes in a blender and then purée them to make thick tomato sauce. You can then combine the sauce with any foods that you like, such as spaghetti and pizza.

  3. Slowly roast it until dry and eat it with salad. While roasting the tomato, you can add salt and castor sugar to improve its taste. You can then sprinkle the roasted and dried tomatoes on salad.

  • Berries

How to Prepare Foods that Cure Cancer With Berry

Several types of berry are known to have powerful antioxidant that helps your body fight against cancer. Strawberries and raspberries contain ellagic acid that inhibits the process of oxidation while blueberries contain powerful antioxidant called anthocyanosides. Berries can be prepared as follows.

  1. Eat raw berries directly or use them in smoothies. If you have a habit of eating salad, you can add sweet berries to it.

  2. Sprinkle fresh or frozen berries on plain yogurt. The taste of the combined ingredients will certainly make your mouth water.

  • Vegetables

Vegetables How to Prepare Foods That Cure Cancer

Vegetables are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidant, both of which are necessary to boost your immune system and to keep cancer as well as other potentially dangerous diseases at bay. Vegetables can be served in the following ways.

  1. Eat raw vegetables to keep their nutrients intact. Some vegetables can be eaten directly without being cooked first. When you want to eat raw vegetables, be sure that you have cleaned them first and that the vegetables that you eat are organic ones. Avoid polluting your body with dangerous chemicals that are found in non-organic vegetables.

  2. Steam them. If cooking is needed, steaming is the best way to cook your vegetables. A study done in Italy in 2008 discovered that the nutrients of vegetables would remain intact if they were steamed. Avoid boiling, frying or microwaving them as those cooking techniques will strip the nutrients off of them.

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Knowing anti-cancer food preparation is as important as knowing how to pick the right foods to eat when you are fighting cancer. Chemotherapy may cause your appetite to wane. By knowing how to prepare foods that cure cancer, you can keep yourself nourished even if you lose your appetite.

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How to Prepare Foods that Cure Cancer
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