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Foods Should Be Less Consumed To Prevent Acne

What foods cause acne are various. It does not mean you should avoid these foods or you are not allowed to eat these foods at all. You just have to less consume these foods which are trigger to have acnes.

Acnes or pimples are occured because the oil glands of the skin are infected with dirt and bacteria. So that the skin is swelled up and filled with pus. Generally, acnes occur in face, neck, shoulders, and backs. Even though acnes are not the condition which is critical, they make your appearance look bad, wherever the acnes are. That is why you need to less consume the foods which cause acnes to get acne free skin.

What Should Be Less Consumed

  1. Chocolate

5 Acne Trigger Foods - Chocolate

Dr. Ava Shamban, dermatologist from Los Angeles, mentions that chocolate may cause acnes. It is because chocolate and other fatty foods, has high level of sugars and fats which increases the production of sebum and promotes the response of inflammatory in the body. This is able to lead to acnes. So that you should less consume chocolate in order to have acne free face, and also healthy and ideal body. If you crave for sweets, you can consume fresh fruits instead.

  1. Cheese

Cheese not Good for Face

According to the book titled The Clear Skin Diet, cheese is the food which may cause acnes. Cheese is able to make your body produces a lot of hormone insulin which makes the cells of your body absorbs sugars. The case is the same with chocolate, if you have too much sugars in your body, there are more insulin in your bloodstream which may lead to acnes. Consume less cheese in order to prevent having acne.

  1. Fast Food

Fast Food - What Should Be Less Consumed

Fast food and junk food are the main reason of getting high level of inflammation in body. This high inflammation cause the acnes. Not only acnes, fast food and junk food are also the cause of any other health problems such as asthma. Avoid this kind of food as possible as you can. If there is condition which forces you to go to fast food restaurant, you better choose salad.

What Should Be Consumed

  1. Green Tea

Green Tea What Should Be Consumed for Acne

Green tea is rich of antioxidant which is good for your skin. The powerful antioxidant called EGCG which is contained in green tea is helpful in reducing the production of sebum, which is the cause of acnes. You will have radiant and acne free skin by drinking more green tea. Read : How to get pimple free skin

  1. Oysters

Oysters for Acne

Oysters have a lot of mineral zinc which several studies mentioned that it is really helpful in reducing acne and its effects. Beside oysters, you can also consume roasted beef and pumpkin, and toasted wheat germ to get mineral zinc.

Those are the foods you better consume to prevent acne and also what foods cause acne.

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Foods Should Be Less Consumed To Prevent Acne
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