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Early Signs Of Pregnancy, Could You Be Pregnant?

For some women pregnancy becomes part of their life cycle they expect the most. Hence, they become so nervous and can’t wait for the pregnancy test. However women should know that their body display early signs of pregnancy after some weeks started from their first conception. Nevertheless, you may find some early signs of pregnancy are pretty common, whilst the rest can be the opposite. Nausea is a classic symptom of pregnancy. It can be followed with no or with vomiting. Some of you may know this as morning sick that occurs randomly during morning to night. Particular smell can provoke nausea for some women.

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Food carving, this also becomes another signs of early pregnancy. It’s not that rare that you will favor some foods more than others, even that food is not your favorite before the pregnancy. Swollen, have you notice that this one is also another sign of pregnancy? Hormonal change, it plays dominant part that cause swollen, in fact for any early signs of pregnancy, hormonal change becomes the culprit.

Still, you can’t suddenly decide that you are pregnant with those very early signs of pregnancy. There are some other signs like frequent urination and sometimes fatigue as the result of the increasing of progesterone level, this circumstance somehow makes you feel sleepy all day long. However again, the list is not stopping there. Slight bleeding, this too, considered as sign of pregnancy. Most women will not notice this, since it occurs during their period as the result that fertilized eggs start hitching up to uterus. Actually, it is easy to differentiate whether the cause of the bleeding is your period or your body gives your sign of pregnancy.

Unlike the bleeding that is caused by your menstrual period, the latter is lighter. Mood swings, you cannot ignore this one as for some level this can be early signs of pregnancy. You can blame pregnancy hormone if your emotional world suddenly turns like a roller coaster. You will easily get mad, become way weepier because of insignificant thing. Constipation is another sign that becomes sign of pregnancy. Not only affect your mood, hormonal change can slow down women digestive system. The last one is dizziness. This occurs as the result of low blood pressure that commonly suffer by women during their early pregnancy.

Understand about early signs of pregnancy before missed period are very helpful for women to prepare themselves for prenatal treatment, though further pregnancy test is necessary. There are nothing so special about pregnancy signs. Certainly women who experience those signs have huge chance to get pregnant, but pregnancy is not the main cause why their body gives the signals. In many instances, it can be because of you will soon reach your menstrual period or because of some illness. Additionally, some women won’t experience those signs, though they could be pregnant.

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Early Signs Of Pregnancy, Could You Be Pregnant?
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