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Don’t Eat These Foods: 5 Acne Trigger Foods

The foods that cause acne usually are the yummiest one. Even, one of them is your favorite.  However, when you will go out with your friends and you have an acne breakout that will be horrible. That’s why avoiding these foods are better idea. Thousands researches about the cause of acne has been done. But the results are not clear. For each person, the common foods may give different effects. For instance, some people get acne because of chocolate, while others may get the breakouts because they eat cheese. As we know that each person react in different way for some certain foods, but you should know that specific foods are categorized as foods that cause acne. Below, you will find the some triggers foods causing acne. If you are having the breakouts, try to avoid one or two foods for one week. Removing these foods may help you to get a clear skin.

5 Acne Trigger Foods

1. Chocolate

5 Acne Trigger Foods - Chocolate

Chocolate is the most blamed foods that cause acne. A dermatologist said that actually chocolate is not the cause of a breakout. It’s only a little evidence that chocolate and other fatty foods can cause acne. However, many studies showed that high sugar combine with high fat food can increase the sebum production and trigger the inflammatory responses in our body and that will lead to acne. There is no final conclusion about chocolate as the trigger foods for acne, but it’s sure that the sugary foods may lead to acne breakout because of the inflammatory in the body.

2. Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods one of 5 Acne Triger Foods

Many people blame spicy foods which fill with red chilies for causing acne. A study in 2006 showed that the acne and breakouts are getting worse because of the spices. However, if you like spicy foods, you don’t need to worry because the conclusion is still questionable. The studies between acne and foods that cause acne haven’t proved that spicy foods are causing acne directly. The common factors of getting acne are cosmetics, hormones, and also family history.

3. Cheese

Cheese not Good for Face

Another research also found that cheese and dairy foods can cause acne breakouts. According to a research, foods that cause acne trigger your body in increasing the hormone insulin. This hormone makes you cell absorbing sugar. Too much sugar in your blood by consuming sugary foods will make more insulin going through your bloodstream.

4. Sushi

Sushi one of 5 Acne Triger Foods

The high glycemic or raising the insulin levels can cause the frequency of acne breakouts. The high insulin levels increase the inflammatory response which triggers the acne. Foods that cause acne and have high glycemic is rice. Eating too much rice will increase the insulin and result in acne. If you like eating sushi, be more careful because the glycemic level of sushi rice is high. For example, a half cup of cooked white rice has 17 rating of glycemic (20 is considered high).

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5. Pizza

Pizza Acne Trigger Food

The one with acnes usually is called pizza face. That cruel nickname is connected with the most delicious foods on earth. There is evidence that acne can happen because of hormonal response. It happens when oils, debris and cells block the sebaceous glands. Then they clog the healthy pores and cause the inflammation. Removing acne by avoiding foods that cause acne is a good idea especially high in dairy. Avoid eating foods that cause acne such as milk, cheese, pizza and dairy products in at least 6 months then you will see that you are free from acne.

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Don’t Eat These Foods: 5 Acne Trigger Foods
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