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Super Foods that Fight Acne will Finish Your Struggle of Clear Skin

Super Foods that Fight Acne will Finish Your Struggle of Clear Skin

Are you getting tired of having clogged pores, dull skin completed with the redness of acnes on it? Do you suffer for getting the low confidence because of your skin condition? If it is so, you will need to make your face to be made over. But, you can start from something unique, just like by choosing the foods that fight acne which will be good for your skin. There are some choices in which you can invest your beautiful skin on it. So, why don’t you start your treatment for dull, acne skin from your tummy? If you are lucky enough, you will get a rapid change on your skin.

The first food that will be good for you in fighting acne is fruits. Yes, fruits that contain lots of vitamin C and water will fight acne on your skin and also will help your skin to be more moisturized. This is recommended for some rare cases in which people have the acnes even with dry skin. Therefore, you can start choosing some fruits like watermelon and orange that will help you in cleaning your skin from acne. After that, you can also choose foods like grapefruit to help you reduce the acne and even your body weight!

Super Foods that Fight Acne

The foods that have ability in fighting your acne skin are also the ones that contains omega-3 fatty acids. This is also a kind of food that fights acne because it is known that foods with rich omega-3 will fight the acne on skin and also will help you in getting instant glow. Whoa, you must try this since it is also delicious. For example, you can get the foods like grilled salmon for your dinner. This food that fight acne is tasty, classy and will even help you to make your skin brighter and free of acne!

If you are looking for foods that help fight acne, you can also go for foods that contain lots of selenium. For example, choose almonds and garlic which are good example of foods with selenium. This is good for your skin because it can tone up your skin condition and it can also help you in having skin that is radiant, healthy and also beautiful. You will also find that foods that fight acne will help you a lot in getting your skin to be healthier. Since those are great and also delicious, you cannot protest for the choice you can take from them.

Choose also foods that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are good for you to have your skin more radiant and beautiful. There are so many foods that contain lots of antioxidants to keep your skin healthy. For examples are the foods like pomegranate, garlic and grapes. You will also find good things from fig and fruits that contain lots of fiber like apple. Those foods that fight acne will help you a lot in making your skin beautiful and also radiant. So, who said that having healthy skin is something difficult? Just try these foods and get the difference!
Does Sugar Really Cause Acne?

Does Sugar Really Cause Acne?

You should control about the foods that you are consuming because it can make a huge impact toward your healthy skin. You should ensure that you consume a good healthy food to make your skin still health and glow. Many people are questioning that, does sugar cause acne? And perhaps you do. If you have the oily skin face type which can get the acne easily, you have to be more careful in consuming something because some foods should not you consume as well to prevent any kind of acne in your skin.

So, you have to figure out about the answer of does sugar cause acne? It will help you in optioning the best foods. You should note that the sugar does not cause the acne itself but if you consume it to fill your daily activities. If you consume something over, it is not good for your heath, as well as while consuming the sugar also. You should note that the sugar has its own differences type which is from the healthy or even bad food. So, does sugar cause acne? It depends on what kind of sugar you consume every day.

The sugar that will cause the acne is a sugar type which is from the bad food. Well, if you are consuming the sugar too much, even from the health and bad foods, still, it can cause the acne as well. Like what the others questioned about, does too much sugar cause acne? So, the answer is yes. Consuming something too much is not good for our skin and health. You should be careful of it because while you are consuming too much sugar, shift of the balance of hormone formation is distracted. So, it can cause more acne in your skin.

You have to note that there are a few of health sugar that you can consume from foods like nuts, cod liver oil, seeds, fatty cold-water fish, and also flaxseed. If you want to reduce the acne in your skin, you better consume those kinds of foods that will help you a lot. Thus, the question of does sugar cause acne?, it just works to some types of sugar. Even there are a few of health sugar that you can consume every day however it does not mean that you have to consume them over and over. Still, you have to limit the consumption of them and you can consume them as what the vitamin that you need for your daily activity only. It also answers the question of does eating sugar cause acne? So, the answer is yes.

You should find out about how many grams of the healthy foods that you have to consume every day. By counting it, you will be able in reducing the acne in your skin. Perhaps, you are questioning about when does acne stop? The answer is, you can stop the acne if you do not consume the sugar too much and it will make the acne can cure themselves, so your acne problem can solve by themselves.
What Foods Cause Acne

What Foods Cause Acne

All foods are great until they actually trigger disease that is quite annoying. As we all agree, there are some foods causing acne. Having acne which can lead to many problems in life such as decreasing confidence is definitely problematic. It is best to avoid such thing to happen from the very first time. One of the strategy is basically knowing and avoiding foods causing acne. From this point, there are many people asking “what foods cause acne?” to answer that question, there are actually some shocking facts that can make you crazy.

Question about “what foods causes acne?” can be answered by knowing the fact that dairy product can lead to acne significantly. Dairy products are responsible to make increase hormone that can produce acne, and that means more acne will come to the skin surface. This is surely problematic because milk is necessary for completing daily nutrition. Fortunately, there is a simple solution even though it cannot completely replace the milk as dairy product. Coconut, rice and almond milks are great substitute for a while until all of the acne does not seem bothering anymore. Among other things in “what foods can cause acne?” there are actually other foods that will make you change your mind.

Sugar is the next answer for “what foods cause acne?” Foods with excessive sugar are extremely dangerous for people suffering from acne. The main reason is because it contains inflammation agents what will only make pimple worse than ever. Reducing the amount sugar intake becomes so crucial to avoid pimples or cure it. In order to keep your mouth from being satisfied by sweet foods, the sugar obviously can be changed with fresh fruits. This solution may not be loveable by everyone especially teenagers, but just trust me that it will do well in the future.

Another question that pops out related to acne is “what kind of acne do I have”. It obviously has no relation with any kind of food that should be eaten. However, it is worth to note that the latter state of acne from which it can be a breakout can be negated by reducing milk consumption significantly. Now moving to other food for answering “what foods cause acne?” there is coffee that can lead to acne worsening. Stress hormone within coffee actually can make the skin stressful, and it leads to acne breakout. Therefore, it is necessary to find out other drink to substitute the coffee. Tea is generally acceptable replacement and it is obviously a great way to have tea-time for a while.

The next thing to answer “what foods cause acne” lies on the way we usually process foods. Typically we use coconut oil to make foods taste so much better. However, too much coconut oil is dangerous for the skin because of the possibility of acne breakout. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the amount of coconut oil to avoid worsening acne for a while. Those are all about “what foods cause acne” which hopefully can help you to be free from acne for good.
What Can Diabetics Eat and Drink Every Day?

What Can Diabetics Eat and Drink Every Day?

Diabetics are required to eat and drink carefully in order to keep healthy. Even though it does not sound easy in many ways, diabetics need to concern on the foods consumed. With careful diet, it is actually possible to have healthier body even though suffering from diabetes. There are also some researches indicating that with proper diet, the diabetes can be reversed with slim possibility to reoccurring, and reoccurring can happen if the diet is not performed well. Therefore it can be concluded that diet can deliver remarkable positive effect for diabetics. Now people must be wondering “what can diabetics eat in this situation?”

Considering the first factor, the food, it is necessary to eat foods with good contents of fiber. Vegetables are best candidate for this purpose, and people who ask “what can diabetics eat” will have the answer that vegetables will be completely safe to be eaten. It is practically possible to eat raw vegetables if wanted to. However, it is recommended to process the veggies before by making salad with sprinkled salt. This will add a little taste to the salad while building appetite at the same time. This is surely a great news especially for anyone asking about “what foods can diabetics eat?” there are also other things that can be consumed even for diabetics.

The next food to eat is fruit. Blessed with many vitamins and other benefits, fruits are so helpful source to keep the stomach satisfied while maintaining health or even improving it. Even though many people know about this, they still ask “what foods can a diabetic eat?” Specifically fruit that can be eaten is anything that is fresh. Processed fruits like jams, canned fruits, and fruit punches are not the option. The reason is because they are compromised with additional sugar that will increase the glucose level significantly. People who ask “what foods can diabetics eat?” will actually continue with the fact that fruit has higher carbs. To solve this problem, diet management is required so that total carbs consumed in a day will positively affect the health.

There are still some people questioningwhat can a diabetic eat for breakfast?” as it becomes a part of the meal plan. Whole bread such as oatmeal combined with fruit such as banana will be nice choice. For dinner, it is actually possible to add alcohol to the diet. Another person will definitely ask whether it is safe or not. In moderate, the answer of what can diabetics eat and drink is yes. However, it is still recommended to keep alcohol consumption as low as possible to avoid unwanted things to happen. Moreover, the fact that symptoms of diabetes and drunk are quite similar, it is highly advised to not drink at all.

The answer of “what can diabetics eat and drink?” is now revealed. There are absolutely still many foods that can be eaten even though they should be controlled. Even though the freedom is limited, but it is still a good way to enjoy life for hundred more years.
Several Best Foods for Diabetics

Several Best Foods for Diabetics

Diabetics have very strict diet that greatly affects their lives. This disease is typically caused by foods as part of lifestyle consumed at early life, and that is why certain food actually can help to heal diabetes. Even though the foods surely cannot totally cure the diabetes, at least there is still a hope to enjoy life passionately just with foods. Here is the list of best foods for type 2 diabetes that can be used for next-dieting strategy which also should be matched with medical professionals’ advice.

Best Foods for Diabetics Picture

The first nutrition among best foods for diabetics needed by the body is carbohydrate. However, it is worth to remember that carbs contain sugar which can be devastating for diabetics’ life. Fortunately, there are some foods that are known widely as good carbs from whole grains. Oatmeal and brown rice are two of them and they have low calories while having decent fiber. The key here is to make the diabetics satisfied (full) even though eating not too much carbs. The whole grain has properties to do so, and that is why it is one of the best foods for diabetics.

Moving to the next great foods for diabetics, there are veggies and vegetables in the list of best foods for diabetics. Both are quite powerful foods for pumping health in general as well as for fighting diabetes. One thing that is sought from those two foods is fiber. It definitely helps the diet because eating much fiber makes the patients less hungry. The main requirement for the food to be counted as best is fresh. Fresh veggies and fruits are great because they are not contaminated with preservative chemicals. Moreover, there is no additional sugar that will harm diabetics as well. Even though the veggies and fruits are suggested to be fresh, it does not mean it cannot be processed at home. Light steaming veggies are awesome because the bacteria could have died and they are also soft. This is absolutely best foods for diabetics.

In addition to carbs and vitamins, diabetics also need proper amount of protein, and it can be obtained in best foods for diabetes. As we all know protein comes in two different classification namely animal protein and plant protein. Both are required for body’s function, but plant protein is somehow better. The reason is because they also contain fiber that is helpful to keep diabetics full. Therefore, beans, tofu and nuts are great choice for diabetics. For animal protein, the best choice is dedicated for seafood such as fish. They contain high protein which does not contribute to bad cholesterol increase. This is then followed by chicken and eggs. In order to get the most out of it, the processing strategy is important. Fried, canned, and quick-served protein are worst choice ever for diabetics, and it is best to avoid them. There is no a thing like best fast food for diabetics unless the fast-food is created at home.

Those are all best foods for diabetics that will be so helpful for diabetics. The effect of health after consuming those foods is not instant, and it is highly recommended to eat those foods regularly until feeling comfortable. After all, it is the best way to be healthier even if suffering from diabetes.
Some Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Some Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is very crucial time in women’s life because it actually determines the quality of the baby she carries. In order to have healthy and smart baby, there is actually something that can be done – apart from relying on genes alone – such as giving the baby – as well as the mother – healthy foods. Here is the list of the foods to eat during pregnancy which have been classified for easy tracking. Those foods are sometimes recommended but sometimes just okay. Be sure to check each of them below.

What To Eat During Pregnancy With Super Foods

The first classification of the food is meat. As we all know that meat contains protein that is good for pregnant mothers and their babies. Protein helps tissue development which makes the baby healthy. Therefore, meat is one of the best food to eat. Some great foods to eat during pregnancy are chicken, beef, and shrimp. In order to get the most out of it, all of those ingredients should be cooked with medium temperature 63ºC for seafood and 70ºfor heavier meats. It has to be made that way because this temperature kills harmful bacteria that are possible to make the baby unhealthy. Moreover, it is highly advised to cook the food at home because the safety is more guaranteed in terms of food processing. Lastly in foods to eat during pregnancy, warm meat is the one that is recommended to be eaten. Not only is it more delicious, but it is also good for health.

Moving to the next classification, there is dairy products and eggs. Considering the first i.e. dairy product, the women are recommended to consume hard cheese, cheddar, milk, and yoghurt adequately. It is definitely not recommended to consume them all in one day because they are used alternatively to avoid monotonous dietary. Be sure to check all expired dates of all these dairy products because spoiled foods are really dangerous. Additionally, it is highly recommended to keep the food in fridge to keep its freshness while preserving it.

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Another classification of best foods to eat during pregnancy is fruit. It seems very obvious that fruit is always good for everyone, and it is also applied to pregnant women. However, there are some fruits that give more benefits than others. Avocadoes, mangoes, grapes, sweet lime, lemon, and banana are among good fruits for pregnant women. A cup of one particular fruit a day is obviously beneficial for the healthy baby in the future because of its property as healthy foods to eat during pregnancy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat those fruits. Making a fruit and vegetable salad is also recommended since the women can eat various kinds of foods full of vitamins at once. Make sure to wash the fruits beforehand to avoid bacterial contamination, and it is also advised to cook the veggies before consuming them.

Those three classification of foods to eat during pregnancy should be helpful in picking the most-recommended foods for pregnant women, and they are all basically good foods in terms of taste. Indeed, in making the foods, it is recommended to minimize the use of MSG, but it does not stop the women to seek for great recipes of good foods to eat during pregnancy for themselves.
Some Foods That Cause Acne

Some Foods That Cause Acne

Somehow it is quite annoying to have acne on the body especially face. When this disease has occurred, it is actually too late to cure perfectly except without proper treatment that will cost much money. Before suffering from such situation, it is important to know several foods that cause acne. That way, it is possible to avoid acne from before it occurs at all. Indeed, it is true that foods really can cause acne even though we all know that 80% of time acne is caused by genes. However, it is worth to know that particular foods can trigger acne because of their properties increasing hormones responsible for acne. Here is list of foods that cause acne.

Foods that cause acne picture


The first food that can lead to worse acne is dairy product. It is kind of shocking because people need milk for completing nutrition for their life, but it is considered as foods that cause acne. Unfortunately the dairy product should be reduced significantly at least until the acne vanished. It happens because dairy products can increase particular hormone related to acne significantly. Even though it cannot be concluded that it is only milk causing acne, preventing acne by reducing the consumption of milk is highly advised. In order to have healthier lifestyle in meantime, the milk can be replaced with almond milk, coconut milk, or rice milk. Those milks are not foods that can cause acne.

Another food that should be avoided is sweet food. Sweet foods are not sweet for those who suffer from acne because it belongs to foods that cause acne. The reason is because the skin will be inflamed just like what sweets do to other parts of body. Being inflammatory agent, sugar-sweetened foods should be banned for a temporary time until the breakout is decreasing significantly. That way, there is no need to worry about the possibility of eating sweet foods in the future after being cured. The sweet foods that are prohibited for acne sufferer are those made with sugar. If the foods do not add sugar as sweetener, the food will be still consumable because not listed in food allergies that cause acne.

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The last food within foods that cause acne is soy eventually. soy-based foods are not really good for acne sufferers because it increases estrogen level significantly. It surely can make acne worse than ever if the soy is consumed too much. Therefore, it is best to leave this option for a while. Soy-based product is not as famous as dairy product. Even so, it is highly advised to read the labels before consuming foods. That way, it is possible to avoid worsening acne. Indeed, there is no exact measurement on how significant soy products contributing to acne development, yet it is just best to be off from this food for a while.

Those are all some nice foods that unfortunately will make acne worse than ever. This list basically just provides a small list that cannot cover all possible foods contributing to acne breakout. However, those are all the most common ones, and it is important to give this information before it is too late. Prevention to acne is better than curing it because acne usually becomes worse leading to scar which will mark the skin for a very long time ahead.

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The Development of Pregnancy Month by Month in the First and Second

The Development of Pregnancy Month by Month in the First and Second Trimester

Pregnancy is a something that a woman expects to have a cute baby soon. It comes from the first month up to the ninth month so that there will be development that will be seen and enjoyed by the women. The obvious proof that you will have is about your physical change. It is because your fetus is developing from the ovum to have body parts and it becomes a baby. Hence, it is such a golden moment for the women to see the development of the baby time by time. It will be so much good for the mom to be to have such thing in life. Here is pregnancy month by month that you should know to see the fetal development obviously:

pregnancy month by month

  • First month

In the first stage which means that the first month of pregnancy, there will be a fertilized egg that grows as the embryo that tells you that it is a pregnancy. In this stage, placenta has developed and it is located round the organ which takes role to transfer the nutrition to the baby. In this phase, the blood cells as well as the body shape are going to grow as well. This is the first moment that you should have, and you need to get the development of pregnancy month by month.

  • Second Month

In this phase of pregnancy, the facial shape of the baby is going to develop continuously. It forms the fold skin on the head. Then, there will be arms and legs growing on it. In addition, the buds will also develop to be like toes, eyes and fingers. In addition, there will be spinal cord, brain formed. Then, you can have the growth of pregnancy month by month.

  • Three month

In this first trimester after first month of pregnancy, all the parts of the body are well formed. Meanwhile, the fingernails and toenails will be developed as well. The organ will begin to work in this phase of pregnancy.

  • Fourth month

In this stage, several parts of the body will also grow like eyelid, eyelash, eyebrows, hair as well as the teeth. In this stage, the baby will begin to such the thumb as well as making face. Meanwhile, the nervous system will begin to work. You can also hear the heartbeat of the baby in this phase of pregnancy months.

  • Fifth Month

The hair will be totally growing in the full body. The function is to protect itself in the first week of life. In addition, you will find that the baby move and kick your belly.

  • Sixth Month

The weight of the baby will increase up to two pounds on it. In addition, the skin will be seen reddish and it has much development on the color, veins and wrinkle. Here, the eyelid will be open in this phase of life. There are lots of amazing things in this month that you can see up to last month of pregnancy.

Those are the development of the fetal starting from the first trimester and second trimester. There are lots of developments that you can actually find pregnancy month by month and it is very exciting. This golden moment should be monitored each day until the baby comes to the world.
Several Recommended Food for Pregnant Women

Several Recommended Food for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy comes as the golden moment for women. In this phase of life, women will find so many changes. Having a baby inside makes you need to have extra protection since you have great thing inside your belly. Moreover, a pregnant woman should be always healthy so that you need to control and maintain your health. It is important to focus on your diet since it will affect to your baby in the future. It is good for you to get the healthy diet so that you can actually make yourself so healthy and fresh. Healthy mom will let you have healthy baby as well. Here is food for pregnant women which highly recommended to maintain the health.

  • Beans

Bean Good Foods for Pregnant

Beans are very good food for pregnant women. It is contains lots of nutrition such as, calcium, iron, zinc and folate. There are several kinds of beans that you can have such as lentils, black beans, black-eyed peas, pinto beans, white beans, soy beans and so on. In addition, you can also cook it in several ways. It is good to create soup from one of them since it makes you easier to eat it. In addition, it is also good as the salads with the other kind of vegetables. In addition, it can also be a mate with pasta. It is rich of fiber and protein so that it is very good for you and your baby.

  • Eggs

Egg Good Foods for Pregnant

It is known that egg is one of healthy foods for pregnant women which contain lots of protein. In addition, it has amino acid which is needed by your baby to grow the intelligence. Hence, it is the reason why a pregnant woman should take eggs as the healthy food. On the other hand, it also contains lots of nutrition such as, choline, minerals and vitamins. However, you need to have totally cooked egg not half or raw one since it has bacteria instead.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt for Pregnant

Make your pregnancy go so fun by having healthy diet. It is good for you to have low fat yogurt  as the best food for pregnant women since it contains lots of calcium. It even has more than milk has. In addition, you do not need to add some sugar anymore to the yogurt. It will be totally fun when you can mix it with another ingredients such as, berries and any kinds of fruit as it is good food for pregnant women.

  • Salmon

Salmon for Pregnant

Salmon contains lots of nutrition such as vitamin B and protein and omega 3. It has low mercury so that it is good food for pregnant women and the baby. In addition, it will make the development of your baby’s eyes and brain getting so good. You can cook it in several ways like grilling, broiling and so on.

Those are several things that you should have for your pregnancy. Those are the best food for pregnant women that contains lots of nutrition and they are good for the development of your baby. Hence, it is very good to have such thing and you can actually make your pregnancy going so fun with healthy and fun food everyday.
Several Ways How to Clear Acne as Home Treatment

Several Ways How to Clear Acne as Home Treatment

Acne comes to disturb your facial appearance. Well, it becomes the enemy for most of the people especially for women. It is no problem when there is only one appears on face, but when it comes a lot, you will get screwed with it. Therefore, it is good for you to have treatment to get rid the acne. It should be well done since you can get back your facial appearance like no acne comes before. You can get rid all the acne on your face as long as you do it regularly. Having regular treatment really makes you have a good facial appearance so you need to try about it. Here are several ways how to clear acne with natural treatment at home:

  • Lemon

Lemon Picture

Lemon can be a way how to clear the acne on your face. It contains astringent that can work to close the pores on your face. In addition, it also contains acid that can kill all the bacteria that clog inside the pores. Then, another advantages that you can have is lemon can lighten your face. Also it can reduce the redness cause by the acne. Well, you can use lemonade as the face wash. You need to do this in a routine especially in the morning. You need only one lemon and take it as the water so that you can directly apply it on the face.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil Picture

Tea tree oil is another way how to clear acne. It is known that tea tree oil can reduce the acne so that you can actually have such thing in your treatment. Hence, it is better for you to have it as how to get pimple free skin on your face. You can just apply the tea tree oil on face twice a day so that you can have better result on the face.

  • Tomato

Tomato for Acne

Tomato can be the way how to not get pimples. It is so much easy and effective to make all the acne disappear from the face. It contains acid which is able to kill all the bacteria on the face. Hence, it is better for you to make tomato as the facial mask. It is very easy to make it. You can just grind the tomato pulp and make it as the mask. It would be so much better for you to have it and it will works so well on the face.

  • Strawberry

Strawberry for Acne

Strawberry is a sweet and sour fruit that everybody likes. You know that it can lighten the acne on your face. It can also kill the bacteria on the face. You can just rub it on your face and the affected area. Wait about 4 or 5 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. You will find how to clear acne fast.

Those are the treatments that you can have in order to make the face come so clean. The way how to clear acne is very easy as you can have it in around.
Several Type 2 Diabetes Treatments that You Should Have

Several Type 2 Diabetes Treatments that You Should Have

Diabetes is considered as the serious disease that should be meticulously monitored. Moreover, someone with diabetes type 2, it is so much more dangerous. You need to monitor your health seriously since you can find yourself get worse when you do not take care about it. There are several things that you need to know about controlling the health of diabetes type 2, they are weight, diet and physical activity.

The most important one is how to control the blood sugar level. It is known that those who are with diabetes type 2 should be having like stable blood sugar level. However, some of you that have maintained your diet to control your sugar level but it remain high, and then it is good to take tablets to have you such thing. Well, there is type 2 diabetes treatments that can help you maintain your blood sugar in the normal level below:

Several Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

  • Healthy Diet

Someone with diabetes type 2 definitely should monitor their health. It deals with healthy lifestyle that you should build since it makes you have high risk if you do not care about it. One of type 2 diabetes treatments that you should control is your diet. You need to have something that contains high fiber with low fat foods. They are vegetables, whole grains and fruits. If you want to have something like meat, you can have such animal products but it has less sweet and carbohydrate. If you want to control your diet you can use glycemic index as it is used to measure how a food increase your blood sugar level quickly. I also make you managed to control your blood sugar to be stable.

  • Exercise

In order to support your healthy lifestyle, then something must that you can have is exercise. It is mandatory type 2 diabetes treatment so you need to arrange a time when you should exercise. You can enjoy swimming, walking or biking as the part of your exercise program. All you need is enjoy it since it lets you have it regularly. Do the exercise in five days of a week so that you can make your blood sugar in the normal level.

  • Control and monitor blood sugar

If you have diabetes, then you need to monitor your blood sugar in a routine. It should be done since you can do the prevention when you find out it is in the high level. Then, it is good to check your blood sugar in a routine and record it. Hence, this type 1 diabetes treatment lets you to maintain your health since the blood sugar level is something which is very unpredictable. Therefore, it is better for you to have such thing in life.

  • Therapy

Yes, type 1 diabetes treatment with therapy comes as the treatment of diabetes. You need to have medication as well as insulin therapy that make yourself getting so healthy. The most important is your blood sugar level remains well and it is also considered as diabetes type 2 treatment.

As a result, those are type 2 diabetes treatments that you should know. It lets you have a healthy body and normal blood sugar level.
The Signs in the First Month of Pregnancy

The Signs in the First Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miracle for women. It is something precious that they are looking forward to when they are in relationship. It makes a perfect family. Those who are married already must be waiting for it. Hence, it is a must for women to know about first month of pregnancy. It is good if you find out that you are pregnant since the first month so that you can monitor yourself and your fetus inside. Well, here you can have the information about the pregnancy in the first month such as, the symptoms that you are pregnant and what you feel during the first month.

  • Fatigue Feeling

Fatigue Feeling on Pregnant

When you are easily tired but you do not have any busy activity, then you can make it as the sign of the pregnancy. In this case, having baby inside takes you lots of energy so that makes you feel so tired especially when you are walking less than one hour. Then, it is good for you in the first month of pregnancy for having more rest than spending your energy instead.

  • Getting so sensitive with smell

Getting so sensitive with smell

You can find out the pregnancy through your smell sense. It is known that a pregnant woman will have three or four times stronger smell sense in first month of pregnancy. Hence, when it caught something smelly anywhere, you feel that it stings so much. In this condition, you need to prepare something when you are going out. You need to be patient for the smell sense that you have so that you can actually feel that it is something that you need to undergo in the early pregnancy.

  • Nausea in regular

Nausea in regular - Pregnant

The first obvious thing that you will have that you are positively pregnant is nausea. You will have a regular nausea on and on as one of signs of pregnancy first month. It comes as the side effects of the pregnancy. It is cause by the hormone level that increases a lot. Based on the research, 80 out of 100 women experience morning sick in the early pregnancy, usually in the first up to third month. However, sometimes the frequency of nausea is different each other. One might have three times a day, but another one has more than that.

  • Swollen in several part

swollen in several part - pregnant
First month of pregnancy, you can actually find that there are several parts on the body that got swollen. Mostly, it happens on the legs. It is something common so that you do not to get shocked by such thing in pregnancy first month.

Those are the things that you will find in the first month of pregnancy. Those signs may indicate the pregnancy so once you experience them, you can just make sure by seeing the doctor.

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Expectant Mothers Need To Know About What To Eat When Pregnant

Expectant Mothers Need To Know About What To Eat When Pregnant

During pregnancy, your baby will develop week by week. Though the development still continue with or or without the nutrients that are needed, it will affect both the expectant mother and the baby. Knowing what to eat when pregnant, it caters many benefit for the baby and the mother to survive during pregnancy. Curious about what to eat when pregnant? Read on. Expectant mother needs more fiber, folic acid, and iron, which you can find from whole grain. That makes whole grain should be part of your pregnancy diet during pregnancy.

Bean Good Foods for Pregnant

But what to eat when pregnant is not only whole grain. Bean is another good food to consider. Various of beans you need to try, such as, lentils, white beans, black beans, and more. It contains rich nutrients, iron, zinc, calcium, and folate. Surely, the list for what to eat when your pregnant is not that alone. Low fat yogurt is what you should have next within food to eat. In the way to supply yourself calcium that is good for you and baby, many expectant mothers consider milk. For sure, if you love milk, it’s okay. However, if you look for calcium alternative, yogurt is a win.

Yogurt for Pregnant

Yogurt has more calcium compared to milk, let it alone it contains so much protein. And you know what? You won’t get bored with yogurt as you can enjoy it with fruits or some. Since the yogurt is plain, it less sugar. Berries family is another what to eat when pregnant. Asking why? The berries for any kind that you choose including blackberry, raspberries, and more, they are rich with folate, vitamin C, fiber and potassium that are great for pregnancy. You can treat the berries as snack or snack combination, such as you add it as yogurt dressing or maybe you love it with cereals.

Egg Good Foods for Pregnant

Egg is a must during pregnancy as you can get anything that your baby needs during week by week development. Egg provides protein, amino acid, and also choline that are needed for the development of baby’s brain. It caters bunches of minerals and vitamins as well. Simply say, egg is a food ingredient with multifarious benefit. Make certain that you have salmon for your pregnancy menu. Omaga 3 fatty acid, this substance what your baby needs while developing eyes and brain. Compared to another fish, salmon is best as this one is lower for mercury level compared to other fish. Now, what can t you eat when pregnant?

Egg is what you can t eat when pregnant. Get yourself confused? In fact, egg is great for pregnancy, but it’s not when you cook it wrongly. Undercooked eggs are not good, since it contains bacteria that will obstruct your baby development. Sweets, white bread, and white rice are foods to avoid during pregnancy. Although before pregnancy you have no problem with sugar blood level, but it can happen during pregnancy. The aforesaid foods can affect significantly the level of blood sugar. If you can’t control its level back to normal, you can suffer with diabetes during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Super Food, What To Eat During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy Super Food, What To Eat During Pregnancy?

Even without being pregnant, you need to eat right. And for expectant mother, the urgency is doubled. Expectant mothers need to know what to eat during pregnancy, as they eat not only for themselves, but also for the baby. However, you need to steer away the thought that pregnancy means you eat for two. Have knowledge toward what to eat during pregnancy, it assists expectant mothers to sustain their energy, so then, they can reduce the inconvenience during pregnancy, moreover in the first year of pregnancy. But above all, your baby get the nutrients that are important for them to grow.

So, what to eat during pregnancy? Lean meat is one among others super food for pregnancy. Not only it caters you with protein, but also iron that very pivotal to hinder anemia. Nevertheless, for expectant mothers that cannot eat meat, they can find them in veggies. Keep in mind, just because you have lean meat in your diet, you ignore veggies and fruits. You still need them for fibers to help you dealing with constipation and for vitamins and minerals that are important for both mother and the baby. Don’t forget to include wild salmon, lentils, avocado, yogurt, carrots and pepper, nuts, oat, mangos and other good foods as part of your daily intake.

What To Eat During Pregnancy With Super Foods

After what to eat during pregnancy, you need to know about what to not eat during pregnancy. The reason is simple as that kind of food can bring bad affect for both expectant mother and the baby. Pregnant women can eat carbs, but not processed carbs like sodas, sweets, white rice, and so on, since it can affect your sugar blood level during pregnancy that leads to gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is the reason of overweight in newborn baby. Not to mention, the risk for your baby to suffer with diabetes is huge.

Safety of the food while eating it, that part is crucial. Clean your vegetable thoroughly to prevent bad substance enters your system. In addition raw meat and poultry are not recommended during pregnancy, since it’s viable that the raw meat has E. Coli in it.Be conscious of what to eat and not to eat during pregnancy, expectant mother can maximize the nutrients for the baby and minimize things that may affect baby condition.

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Not to mention, ensure that you hydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water. It is pretty common for an expectant mother to be curious and ask themselves about “What can I eat during pregnancy?” although, it can overwhelm you, thanks for the hormonal changes, it’s not that daunting to search around super food for pregnancy for the numbers of sources that are available. But you should know that each pregnancy is unique. Consult your doctor can help you so much. Therefore, for expectant mothers, you should not be worry for food to eat during pregnancy. And for women who are now preparing their pregnancy, dig the information earlier, you will find it very useful.
Type 2 Diabetes Diet, What Food To Eat?

Type 2 Diabetes Diet, What Food To Eat?

After you are diagnosed with diabetes type 2, there must be some questions on your mind about the best type 2 diabetes diet. Though, you are not suggested to underestimate the food to eat, you need to calm yourself down first. The reason why you need to implement type 2 diabetes diet, it because you want to control your sugar blood level, reduce your weight, and plenty more. Guess what? Planning a diet for type 2 diabetes it is not that difficult. Considering the risk factor of type 2 diabetes, the reason why mostly people suffer with diabetes type 2, it’s because, they fail to apply healthy lifestyle.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet Foods

You know what? Even though many people consider type 2 diabetes diet after they find themselves are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, however, you can start diet for type 2 diabetes even before. Human body is so amazing as it can detect if there is something wrong by displaying symptoms. Unfortunately, human is so ignorant about it. Understand the common symptoms of type 2 diabetes, you can start your diet right away. Also, you can consult your condition earlier with your doctor.

Now, do you feel something different occurs to your body like suddenly you have intense urge to eat, increased thirst with frequent urination and more, don’t ignore it. Nevertheless, diet for diabetes type 2, it should be less sugar, less salt, veggies, fruits, whole grain foods, and so on. In addition, it is not necessary for you to add diabetic food in your diet, or you can consult  your doctor first. But how about, if you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? There is nothing special about type 1 diabetes diet. In some cases, the diet is almost similar with common diet.

Balanced diet are essential when it comes to either type 2 diabetes diet or type 1 diabetes diet. Consume vegetables with variation, it helps somehow. It’s good to be careful about what you supply to your body, but it not necessary to be that strict. You still can eat fat and carbohydrate, since not all of them are bad. For instance, if you want to add fat into your diet, pick non-saturated fat like avocado, oily fish, beans and etc. If it is carbohydrate, carbohydrate complex like red rice, oatmeal and any carbohydrate complex that are available are great.

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Your diet like diabetes type 2 diet, even though it’s so helpful to eliminate or at least decrease the risk, aside from you need to apply the diet for a lifetime, it is pivotal to combine your diet with regular exercise, since one among other cause of diabetes type 2 is inactivity of your body. Good sleep and stress management take part to reduce type 2 diabetes risk , therefore you can freed yourself from that life threatening disease. Dealing with diabetes type 1 or 2, in order to hinder severe condition like complication, not only your diet that should be changed, but any aspect of your life as well.
Understand Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Understand Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes either type 1 or 2 is categorized as serious disease, which means it can be life threatening if you do nothing to treat the disease. Additionally, diabetes shows no exact symptoms. That said, there are some general type 1 and type 2 diabetes symptoms, though you need to see your doctor to confirm your condition, however by knowing the symptoms you can do immediate action to look for some ways to reduce the risk. In some degree, type 1 and type 2 diabetes have almost similar symptoms. Still, they are different. Type 2 diabetes symptoms include; increased hunger, weight loss, frequent urination, increased thirst, blurred vision, fatigue, darkened area, and frequent infection.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms

But you know that knowing only type 2 diabetes symptoms are not enough, as it is essential as well to know type 1 diabetes symptoms. For you to know type 1 diabetes is mostly happened on children, even so, some adults may have type 1 diabetes, too. When it comes to type 1 diabetes, the symptoms are; frequent urination, increased thirst, unexplained weight loss, increased hunger, mood swings, vaginal yest infection for women, fatigue, and blurred vision. In addition, if you find that your kid  is bedwetting, that is very uncommon as it never happens before, you should worry, since, there is the possibility of your kid suffers with diabetes type 1.

Understand further not only symptoms of type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes, but also the cause, it can be a very important information for you and anyone, therefore, you can hinder diabetes to harm your body system. The reason why people can suffer with diabetes type 2, it is because of the resistance that is built by their body toward insulin. The reason why suddenly human body resists to insulin, is still a mystery, however, excess weight, bad lifestyle, genetic, somehow can be the reason why.

Type 1 diabetes Symtomps Picture

Some other factors, such as, ages (adults have higher risk for type 2 diabetes), race, gestational pregnancy are known can increase the risk of diabetes type 2. For diabetes type 1, the cause of diabetes is mostly from inside the body, though it is not the only reason, even so, the real cause why your body displays symptoms of type 1 diabetes to alert you, are still unexplained. Immune system that wrongly identifies insulin as bacteria or something that can harm your body, it has contribution to develop diabetes type 1. Read : Type 2 diabetes diet

Other factors that increase the risk of diabetes type 1, they are; genetic, age (which is mostly occurred on kids), lack of vitamin D, cow milk in early year, viruses, and many others. Educate yourself about type 1 and type 2 diabetes symptoms together with the causes and the risk factors, you can figure out earlier things to do as prevention to make the disease more severe like changing your diet, become more active, and more. Thence, you can reduce the possibility to  get yourself contact with diabetes. As well, you can see your doctor earlier to help you dealing with the matter.
To Do List To Have Acne Free Skin

To Do List To Have Acne Free Skin

How to get pimple free skin informations are various out there for you who want to have acne free skin. Pimples or acnes are caused by oil glands of the skin are infected with dirt and bacteria. So that it makes the skin swell up and pus filled. Pimples are mostly occured in face, necks, shoulders, and backs. No matter where the pimples are, it won’t be good to have acnes in your skin.

For you who want to have pimples free skin, here are the things you need to do to have pimples free skin.

  • Make Sure Your Skin Always Clean

Make Sure Your Skin Always Clean

Since pimples are caused by dirt and bacteria, you need to keep your skin clean in order to have pimple free skin. Cleansing helps removing the dirt and oil from your skin. Use mild skin foam, cleanser, or soap to wash your skin and wash with cold or warm water. Make sure the water is not too cold for your skin, since hot water will make your skin dry.

  • Avoid Too Much Face Touching

Avoid Too Much Face Touching

Hands are the dirtiest part of your body since you touch and do a lot of things with your hands. That is why you should not often touch your face. Touching your face will spread dirts and bacteria to your face which leads to acnes, and further will cause infections. Especially if you already got pimples, touching your pimples will only make them worse. Even, if you want to wash your face, make sure your hands are clean first.

  • Consume Healthy Foods

Consume Healthy Foods Picture

Healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grain products are rich of fibers and vitamins. Those nutrients are good for your skin and help you in getting pimple free skin. Avoid consume too much foods which contain a lot of sugars such as chocolate and sweets. If you crave for sweets, you can consume fresh fruits. Moreover, junk food and fast food are absolutely big no.

  • Use Honey

Honey Picture

Honey has been very popular and helpful in maintaining the beauty of skin. Honey is rich in antioxidant which is good for your skin. Using honey as a mask will make your skin moistful and smooth. Mix honey and cinammon and apply as a mask to your face and leave it dry for 15 minutes to 20 minutes before wash it cleanly off. This will sooth and cool your face.

  • Use Lemons

Lemon Picture

Lemons are really helpful in preventing acnes since lemons help reducing oils, killing bacteria, and making the acnes scars fade away. Lemons are also great natural ingredient to treat pimples. Use the juice of lemons, you can mix it honey, and apply it with a clean cotton to the pimples. Leave it just a few minutes since lemon can make your skin dry. This is one of how to get pimple free skin.

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Experience Fetal Development Through Pregnancy Week By Week

Experience Fetal Development Through Pregnancy Week By Week

When you are expecting, you will experience your body change gradually to follow baby’s development. During pregnancy week by week magic occurs inside your body. Curious about what’s happened with your pregnancy week by week? Week one to week thirteen (first semester) of your pregnancy, the ovulation occurs so then your body system is prepared for the fertilization that will happen in the next week, which is week three. You can assume that is the starting point of your baby. The next week development of your baby, placenta and embryo are started to form.

Pregnancy Week By Week Picture

In the same time, another part of body begins to develop. Within week five of week by week pregnancy, both your baby circulatory system and heart will develop. Do you want to know when is during your pregnancy the baby face starts to take its form? It’s on week six of your pregnancy. Expectant mother should prepare themselves for week seven to eighth, as they will experience swollen and morning sick. Nevertheless, there is a time when expectant mother experience fatigue the whole day. During that time, you feel like you want only lying on your bed and sleep.

Get yourself information of pregnancy week by week, you know that, the moment when you feel like your eyes are too heavy to open, that time baby’s muscle start to develop. So then, it is recommended for expectant mother or both parents to allow themselves familiar with pregnancy calculator week by week, they can anticipate what will happen next. And especially for expectant mother, this can be something that excites then, not to mention, even though pregnancy is a great thing, sometimes mother deals with the most inconvenience circumstance.

pregnancy calculator week by week picture

Nevertheless, gaining weight during your pregnancy week by week, women should be happy about it for the reason that your baby has proper nutrition as its weight increased. In addition, in the first semester, your baby starts to look like human. For the next two semesters, something more magical happens, plus those early pregnancy signs will not become such a bothersome any longer. In the second semester from week fourteen to week twenty seven, your baby hair start growing as well as many other facial feature. First, you probably not noticing this, but be prepared for week fifteen of your pregnancy, since your baby start to be more active.

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Want to know whether your baby boy or girls, week twenty in the second semester of your pregnancy, your doctor will tell you through ultrasound routine if want. Week by week, until the time you welcome your baby, here are things you may want to know. The baby will start to have dream, too, they will learn about survival skills, such as breathing and more. How many weeks in a pregnancy until you meet the baby? From the first semester to the third semester, you have forty-two weeks to have the newborn baby. Learn more about your pregnancy until week forty-two, guarantee, it will mesmerize you.
Early Signs Of Pregnancy, Could You Be Pregnant?

Early Signs Of Pregnancy, Could You Be Pregnant?

For some women pregnancy becomes part of their life cycle they expect the most. Hence, they become so nervous and can’t wait for the pregnancy test. However women should know that their body display early signs of pregnancy after some weeks started from their first conception. Nevertheless, you may find some early signs of pregnancy are pretty common, whilst the rest can be the opposite. Nausea is a classic symptom of pregnancy. It can be followed with no or with vomiting. Some of you may know this as morning sick that occurs randomly during morning to night. Particular smell can provoke nausea for some women.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Picture

Food carving, this also becomes another signs of early pregnancy. It’s not that rare that you will favor some foods more than others, even that food is not your favorite before the pregnancy. Swollen, have you notice that this one is also another sign of pregnancy? Hormonal change, it plays dominant part that cause swollen, in fact for any early signs of pregnancy, hormonal change becomes the culprit.

Still, you can’t suddenly decide that you are pregnant with those very early signs of pregnancy. There are some other signs like frequent urination and sometimes fatigue as the result of the increasing of progesterone level, this circumstance somehow makes you feel sleepy all day long. However again, the list is not stopping there. Slight bleeding, this too, considered as sign of pregnancy. Most women will not notice this, since it occurs during their period as the result that fertilized eggs start hitching up to uterus. Actually, it is easy to differentiate whether the cause of the bleeding is your period or your body gives your sign of pregnancy.

Unlike the bleeding that is caused by your menstrual period, the latter is lighter. Mood swings, you cannot ignore this one as for some level this can be early signs of pregnancy. You can blame pregnancy hormone if your emotional world suddenly turns like a roller coaster. You will easily get mad, become way weepier because of insignificant thing. Constipation is another sign that becomes sign of pregnancy. Not only affect your mood, hormonal change can slow down women digestive system. The last one is dizziness. This occurs as the result of low blood pressure that commonly suffer by women during their early pregnancy.

Understand about early signs of pregnancy before missed period are very helpful for women to prepare themselves for prenatal treatment, though further pregnancy test is necessary. There are nothing so special about pregnancy signs. Certainly women who experience those signs have huge chance to get pregnant, but pregnancy is not the main cause why their body gives the signals. In many instances, it can be because of you will soon reach your menstrual period or because of some illness. Additionally, some women won’t experience those signs, though they could be pregnant.
Foods Should Be Less Consumed To Prevent Acne

Foods Should Be Less Consumed To Prevent Acne

What foods cause acne are various. It does not mean you should avoid these foods or you are not allowed to eat these foods at all. You just have to less consume these foods which are trigger to have acnes.

Acnes or pimples are occured because the oil glands of the skin are infected with dirt and bacteria. So that the skin is swelled up and filled with pus. Generally, acnes occur in face, neck, shoulders, and backs. Even though acnes are not the condition which is critical, they make your appearance look bad, wherever the acnes are. That is why you need to less consume the foods which cause acnes to get acne free skin.

What Should Be Less Consumed

  1. Chocolate

5 Acne Trigger Foods - Chocolate

Dr. Ava Shamban, dermatologist from Los Angeles, mentions that chocolate may cause acnes. It is because chocolate and other fatty foods, has high level of sugars and fats which increases the production of sebum and promotes the response of inflammatory in the body. This is able to lead to acnes. So that you should less consume chocolate in order to have acne free face, and also healthy and ideal body. If you crave for sweets, you can consume fresh fruits instead.

  1. Cheese

Cheese not Good for Face

According to the book titled The Clear Skin Diet, cheese is the food which may cause acnes. Cheese is able to make your body produces a lot of hormone insulin which makes the cells of your body absorbs sugars. The case is the same with chocolate, if you have too much sugars in your body, there are more insulin in your bloodstream which may lead to acnes. Consume less cheese in order to prevent having acne.

  1. Fast Food

Fast Food - What Should Be Less Consumed

Fast food and junk food are the main reason of getting high level of inflammation in body. This high inflammation cause the acnes. Not only acnes, fast food and junk food are also the cause of any other health problems such as asthma. Avoid this kind of food as possible as you can. If there is condition which forces you to go to fast food restaurant, you better choose salad.

What Should Be Consumed

  1. Green Tea

Green Tea What Should Be Consumed for Acne

Green tea is rich of antioxidant which is good for your skin. The powerful antioxidant called EGCG which is contained in green tea is helpful in reducing the production of sebum, which is the cause of acnes. You will have radiant and acne free skin by drinking more green tea. Read : How to get pimple free skin

  1. Oysters

Oysters for Acne

Oysters have a lot of mineral zinc which several studies mentioned that it is really helpful in reducing acne and its effects. Beside oysters, you can also consume roasted beef and pumpkin, and toasted wheat germ to get mineral zinc.

Those are the foods you better consume to prevent acne and also what foods cause acne.
3 Best Natural Ingredients You Can Use To Clear Acnes

3 Best Natural Ingredients You Can Use To Clear Acnes

How to clear acne is easy and various. There are a lot of ways about clearing acne out there for you who struggle against acnes. You can use medicines or other facial and skin treatments such as lotions, gels, and creams to treat your acnes. But for you who prefer natural and safe treatments to treat your acnes, you can use natural ingredients which are easy to find.

Acnes or pimples are caused by bacteria and oil. The oil glands of the skin are infected with dirt and bacteria, so that the skin is swelled up and filled with pus. Acnes mostly occur in face, neck, even shoulders and backs. Wherever the acnes are, they will make your appearance does not look good, so that they are supposed to be cleared.

Natural Ingredients You Can Use To Clear Acnes

  • Cucumber

Cucumber one of 3 Natural Ingredients You Can Use To Clear Acnes

Cucumber has the effects of cooling and soothing which are good for inflamed acnes. It also contains a lot of potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and also Vitamin C which are good for your skin. Grind cucumber to make it smooth, and apply it to your face as a mask. Leave it to dry for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. After that, wash cleanly your face with warm water. This cucumber mask will help you in clearing bacteria and dirt from your pores and skin.

Or you can cut the cucumber into several pieces. Soak the cucumber pieces in the water and leave it for an hour. The nutrients contained in the cucumber will transfer to water. Wash your face using that water.

  • Papaya

Papaya for Acnes

This fruit is a good treatment for acnes. Papaya is rich of Vitamin A, antioxidant, and other enzymes which are good for inflamed acnes and help you to get smooth and soft skin. Grind papaya to make it smooth and apply it to acnes. Leave it for 10 minutes to 15 minutes, then wash it off. You can also make papaya as a mask. Grind papaya and add honey. Apply it to your face while massaging gently. Leave it dry before wash it cleanly off.

  • Honey

Honey Natural Ingredient for Acne

Honey has been popular to maintain beauty for a long time. It is often used in order to get smooth and moist skin, so that there are a lot of body washes use honey as their main ingredients. Honey is also great for process of healing and preventing infections. Dip a clean cotton to honey and apply it to acnes. Leave it about 30 minutes before wash it cleanly off with warm water. Do this several times in a day. Read : What foods cause acne

Or you can mix honey with cinammon and apply it to acnes. Do this before sleeping, and the inflammation and swelling of the acnes will be reduced in the morning. This is one of the ways of how to clear acne.
The Best Diet for Cancer Patient

The Best Diet for Cancer Patient

Cancer patients should pay attention to their diet pattern. There are two important reasons why the management of diet for cancer patient is important. First, a good diet pattern plays a major role in improving their condition whereas bad diet makes their condition worse. If they continue to consume foods that help fight cancer, they can get healed more effectively and quickly.

Second, cancer patients mostly have problem with their eating pattern. Certain cancer treatments are known to cause loss of appetite and side effects that adversely affect their digestive system. If they fail to mind their diet pattern, they will be unable not only to maintain and improve their condition, but also to keep themselves properly nourished. If you are a cancer patient, you can read some tips below to manage your diet pattern while you are undergoing cancer treatments.

The Best Diet to Speed up Your Healing Picture

The Best Diet to Speed up Your Healing

In addition to relying on clinical cancer treatment, you can also use diet-fighting foods to expedite your healing. Foods that are rich in antioxidant and anti-tumor substances are potent enough to inhibit the development of cancerous cells and to prevent cancer from getting worse. Among foods that you can use to fight cancer are tomato, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and soybean. If you want to keep your cancer perfectly controlled, you should include those cancer-fighting foods in your diet.

During your treatment your body will require a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals. You may be able to get them from vitamin and mineral supplements, but it is highly advisable that you try to get them from foods. There is a large assortment of foods that can supply you with adequate amount of nutrients, including eggs, which supply your body with vitamin B, E, and D; milk and fish, which are great sources of B vitamins and some beneficial minerals; and beans and legumes, which not only have anti-tumor substances, but also are rich in protein and B vitamins.

The Best Diet to Arouse Your Appetite

Certain cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, may gradually or completely kill your appetite. If you don’t deal with this problem effectively, you will be facing the risk of malnourishment and nutrient deficiency. There are two solutions to solve this problem. First, you should make all foods that you eat as appealing as possible. Remember that healthy foods don’t have to be bland and tasteless. With the right recipes, you can transform vegetables, fruits, legumes, and other cancer-fighting foods into delicious restaurant-grade cuisines. Second, you can schedule your mealtime and abide by the schedule that you have made. This way, whenever a mealtime, be it a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner, is scheduled, you will encourage yourself to eat even if you are not hungry.

The Best Diet to Deal with Side Effects

Cancer patients who undergo clinical cancer treatments often suffer digestion-related side effects, such as constipation and diarrhea. If you ever experience those side effects, you have to consume foods that will counteract them. If you experience constipation, you can try to consume fiber-rich foods in order to soften your stool. If you experience diarrhea, you can eat solid foods that don’t irritate your stomach and intestine, such as brown rice and banana. If you are fighting chemo-related nausea, you can try to alleviate it with yoghurt or ice cream.

In brief, the best diet for cancer patient should keep the patient perfectly nourished during the treatment because nutrition is essential for the healing process.
The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures that Are Easy to Find

The Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures that Are Easy to Find

Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy are often regarded as the most common treatments for cancer, but do you know that you can actually cure cancer with natural remedies? Here you can read about the top 10 natural cancer cures that are easy and cheap to get. If you want to treat cancer naturally, consider using the following natural cancer remedies.

1.Wheat Grass
Natural Cancer Cures With Wheat Grass

Wheat grass has been used as a miraculous natural remedy since the ancient time. The Greek physician Hippocrates, whose oath is considered sacred in the medical world, was reported to use wheat grass and other cereal grasses to cure his patients. Wheat grass is great for fighting cancer as it contains cancer-fighting substances, including laetrile, abscisic acid, and P4-D1 and G1-D1 proteins.

2.Green Tea
Green Tea Picture

A decade-long research conducted in Japan by the Ohsaki National Health Insurance revealed that drinking 5 cups of green tea in a day can reduce the risk of cancer by 48%. Green tea is rich in antioxidant, which makes it a potent remedy for cancer.

3. Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Bicarbonate Natures Cancer Cures

We know it as baking soda. In the body, baking soda alkalizes everything, including cancerous cells. It prevents their growth and kills dangerous microbes that live in those cells.

4. Ginger
Ginger Picture Preview

Ginger contains a powerful anti-cancer substance called 6-shogaol. This substance is so powerful that studies have affirmed that its power in killing cancerous cells is 10,000 times stronger than that of chemotherapy.

5. Ginseng
Ginseng Natural Cancer Cures Picture
Ginseng, together with grape seed, is an herb whose anti-cancer properties have been confirmed by a research done by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Ginseng contains ginsenoside, which shrinks tumor growths and cutting off their supply of oxygen.

6. Turmeric
Turmeric for Natural Cancer Cures
A study carried out by the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas shows that the curcumin content of turmeric is proven to be a powerful anti-cancer substance. Curcumin also boosts immune system, making you less prone to cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

7. Garlic
Garlic is a potent natural remedy for a large variety of diseases, including cancer. Garlic contains two sulfur compounds—diallyl sulfide and diallyl disulfide—that are known to be powerful antioxidants to fight cancer.

8. Rosemary
Rosemary Picture
The carnosol and camosic acid content of rosemary has many great health benefits. It can effectively prevent cancer growth and provide protection against the dangerous effect of radiation.

9. Oleander
Oleander Natural Cancer Cures
Oleander or rose laurel is a toxic plant that is commonly used as rat poison. At the right dose, however, this plant can help you fight cancer. Make sure that you use it with caution due to its poisonous properties.

10. Red Clover
Red Clover Picture
Red Clover contains tocopherol, a fat-soluble antioxidant compound that has anti-cancer properties. There are three other anti-tumor compounds that this plant has, but tocopherol is the strongest for fighting cancer.

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Besides the top 10 natural cancer cures that are listed above, there are many other remedies that you can use to fight cancer. With so many natural cures for cancer, you should already know that clinical treatment is not the only solution for your cancer problem.